George Zarr is an award-winning producer, writer, director, and composer.

He was formerly at Sirius Satellite Radio as Executive Producer of “Voices of Achievement” and “The Hilly Rose Show.” As Manager of Spoken Word Programming, he helped launch their forty talk channels. For five years, he worked at the SYFI Channel as a Senior Producer for "Seeing Ear Theater" where he was directly involved in over forty original programs, including the creation of the first Internet musical “The First (and Last) Musical on Mars” (later staged at Chicago’s New Rock Theatre). He directed/wrote on their “Barbarian Moron” flash animation series and his episodes from SYFI’s “Tales from the Crypt” are distributed by Highbridge Audio. 

George was co-writer/producer/director of the National Public Radio/Dove Audio-distributed comedy series “Visit New Grimston, Anyway,” and award-winning anthology “Little Chills,” both in the collection of The Museum of Television and Radio in New York City. He composed "Walking Up Broadway," a commissioned solo harp piece which premiered at New York’s Carnegie Recital Hall, was director/writer of the off-off-Broadway sketch comedy "Mind Floss," and was composer/librettist/director of "Who's On Faust?" for the American Chamber Opera Company in Manhattan. He received the New York City Mayoral Citation for his concerto "Reception for Steel Drum and Orchestra.”

Current projects as producer/writer/director/composer include a four-half-hour comedy series “Hurry! Hurry! It’s Almost Christmas!” and an original hour musical adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Bell” for Blackstone Publishing and a podcast of his 13-part musical audio comedy serial “Hoofbeats in My Heart.” George is writer/director/producer of the audio documentary “Lincoln in Music and Letters” for WFMT Syndication. 

His mystery-horror anthology series “The Dark of the Moon Inn” was published by Blackstone Publishing in Summer 2018 and he is currently writing/composing a follow-up serial to his musical western podcast called "Hoofbeats in My Heart Yet Again!" for release in 2020.



My style


My work benefits from decades of exploring traditional genres in the popular and performing arts, then metaphorically filling those classic wine bottles of yesterday with original wine from today and serving the results to a modern audience.  While other New York City kids went out to play stick ball, I was inside with my tape recorder, movie projector, guitar and drawing pad trying to bring life to the stories I created. The basic shape of my early pursuits remain as I attempt to expand my interdisciplinary approach to audio production through video and advanced digital production. I work as a writer, producer, director, composer and post-producer to support my projects with the aim to elicit the emotional delight of my listeners through well-crafted audio.  By creating entire worlds in my dramatized audio work, i.e. towns, characters, desires, atmosphere, humorous and historical references, exploration of terminology and colloquialisms, genre related music and more, I seek to convey an acoustic sensory and highly imaginative experience to the listener.  

Recent Projects

Dark of the Moon Inn


Well hidden among the trees along the tranquil waters of Lake Waseosa sits the Dark of the Moon Inn, an unsettling 19th century bed and breakfast where unsuspecting guests attempt to unwind from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Instead, they find themselves veering towards that place where wandering minds cross into the darker and stormier depths of the all-encompassing nighttime. An audio drama available as an audio book from Blackstone Publishing.

FINDING HIS VOICE – The voice-over business intensifies into a deadly game of cat and mouse between three people. The hunter and the hunted crisscross through the worlds of film, radio and television – until everything ultimately depends on the sound of a single voice.

THE DOCTOR IS IN – A physician from Minneapolis, well-versed in metaphysics, mysteriously barges into the lives of an unsuspecting couple. Leaving them in doubt as to whether their weird guest is really a physician. Or is really well-versed in metaphysics. Or for that matter is even from Minneapolis. 

PERSONAL DELIVERY – (Co-written with Andrew Joffe) A man asks his dying sibling to deliver a personal message to their mother – and receives her absolute and unexpected final answer!

EVERY NOW AND THEN – A sunny day, a quaint antique store, browsing through the artifacts of the past. To some, these are the ingredients for a pleasantly-spent afternoon. To Frank, it is the beginning of a journey that will tear his world inside out. Is his amusing and puzzling journey down memory lane an actual journey? Or a careening descent into madness.

SCHOOL SPIRIT – After a horrifying nighttime brush with the supernatural, Michelle shakily bolts out of her house and into her first day of high school. A first day that might also be her last. Recorded live in front of a terrified audience.

Hoofbeats in My Heart



A tuneful 13-part audio comedy serial that plays out amid the sagebrush of the Old West. Stout-hearted Marshall Shiloh Brown’s single-minded mission, to capture Ruby Buckaroo, the Bandit Queen of the Cowboys, earns him a severe case of Hoofbeats in His Heart. And the not-too-tightly-wound Sheriff Huck Buckskin, citizen of West Buzzard’s Bottom, is also madly in love with the elusive and delinquent Ruby. Will the lasso-crossed lover’s gallop across the Wild West ultimately result in the triumph of love?  

The Bell


 Young Lecia and Frederick embark on a perilous quest through the Dark Forest of No Return in search of a mysterious tolling bell that torments the fairy tale village of Langtvæk.

Hurry! Hurry! It's Almost Christmas!


Four half-hour episodes. As Christmas approaches, John, a modern-day working father, seems a little more stressed out than usual. With his lovely wife Eve and adoring teenage children Chris, Brooke and little Anna-Magdalena at his side, what could possibly go wrong? Well, just about everything – including an unexpected visit from his in-laws the never-ending seasonal to-do list, the annoying neighborhood 

kids, and that man-eating Christmas tree. 

And through it all his smiling co-worker Dennis sets him up for the ultimate disaster at work.

A Special Holiday Collection


"The Spirit of Christmas Day" 


"A Christmas Carol" Charles Dickens


"Alice in Wonderland" Lewis Carroll


Lincoln in Music and Letters


Produced/written/directed for the

 WFMT Network. Not available due to copyright restrictions. 

A link to the Newberry Library event centered around the program:


A link to the audio of the event:


Current Projects

Hoofbeats in My Heart Yet Again!


Literally picking up where the original serial podcast left off, “Hoofbeats in My Heart Yet Again!” will encore the headlong plunge into the prairies-and-cactus-laden Old West on the trail of the on-again off-again on-again off-again relationship between Ruby Buckaroo, the Bandit Queen of the Cowboys and the sturdy but even more confused Marshall Shiloh Brown. Centered in the town of Really Rubber Gulch (surrounded by the circular Arka Bobba Teeter Tayter River), the ten melodious episodes highlight the exploits of The Broken Dinner Plate Gang, the arrival of actual broken dinner plates and the appearance of the fearsome El Bandido de la Melodía – the Melody Bandit – who is Ruby’s former and current flame.  Which might explain why Marshall Shiloh Brown’s relationship with Ruby is currently off again. 

Projected release - 2020

Media Ancient and Modern

Promotional Video


One of several videos produced to promote the episode-by-episode release of Hoofbeats in My Heart.

Promotional Video


A promotional video for the mystery-horror anthology "Dark of the Moon Inn." 

Promotional Video


 Another of the videos produced to promote the episode-by-episode release of Hoofbeats in My Heart. 

Audio Comedy


 A lunatic comedy in which Bull Stud, a hard-boiled thriller writer with a soft-boiled character solves a case of international espionage with the aid of his domineering mother, his psychoanalyst, and a dancing horse. Riotous action features a flagpole sitter, a government facility where animals are taught to play cards, and a madcap chase culminating at The Fountain of Food. A ZPPR Production. Originally broadcast on WBAI, New York City

Audio Drama


Rhianna Garcia, an unwilling Shapeshifter,  is thrown into the dark world of nameless identities and gruesome death  at the hands of the Leedol. A world where everything is not as it  seems.  

Audio Comedy


Think having two grandmothers is a hoot? Young Jessie has three! Their  mad dash to the mall for doughnuts ends up with the family car submerged  in the lake. Twice!  

Audio Sci-fi Musical



“The First Internet Musical Features 14 Original Songs, 15 Singers, 7 Musicians And The One And Only Mary Jo Pehl from Mystery Science Theater 3000! The fully orchestrated production features strings, drums, horns and piano performing all styles of music from rock, pop, and blues to contemporary musical theater.”. SYFI Channel’s Seeing Ear Theatre





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